Friday, September 25, 2009

Draw comments on wall

Since a lot of the show had to do with sketching, instead of putting a small booklet for people to sign we decided to try out the idea of pasting up xeroxes (xeroxes of xeroxes, actually) on a full wall with a few markers and a note to draw comments on wall.

When I proposed the idea people said that (of course) if we let people loose with a wall we'd get the obvious obscene images and notes etc. This was fine with me, and actually the only *rule* that needs to be followed is that everyone use the same (green) marker. So far so good.

As expected, the comments run the full extremes from anonymous secret crushes, thoughtful analysis, Harry Potter scars, genuine compliments, silly nonesense, graf tags, book suggestions (Kurt Vonnegut), e-mail addresses, penises and a Crucified Woody Wood Pecker.

Here are a few examples.

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