Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Exhibition Booklet

Also putting together an accompanying 98 page booklet. It won't have any of the larger pieces showcased in the exhibition, but will have most the 90 + sketchbook drawings.

This will have to be a minuscule print run, so I am trying out an online bounding company. This means that I can go as low as printing 1 book at a time. Unfortunately this means that each copy is way more expensive than it should be.

Ideally I'd be able to put them at a reasonable price - but I'll be doing them at cost. Making no money and just asking for what it costs to print and ship it here. I don't expect many people to be able to dish out the aprox. 35$ + this will cost, but I'll be taking names, contact info and cash for anyone who wants one (mom, dad?) ... with that cash I order the copies and get them to you.