Monday, September 7, 2009

Exhibition Zine Interview

Wanted to have something explaining what the exhibition is about, so instead of just offering mini posters at the show I'm working on putting together a tabloid sized zine (black and white printing on bond paper with silkscreen color touches) that has a small interview in it.

I see it as offering the mini poster (the cover) *but* with the extra added bonus of the interview. Ideally would be giving these away for free - but might have to sell them (or ask for a donation of 8$-10$) - this way the exhibition can help pay for itself (and the people generous enough to be helping out with it).

Don't want to show too much, but the above are a few images of some of its process ...

Exhibition Notes

Various notes on choosing which pieces go in and how we're going to display them. Excuse the shitty pics with that annoyingly yellow warm lamp ... mostly working late doing all this.